2020 | Product & Experiential Design

Platform 09, a yearly celebration of Fujairah culture and equality, focussed this year on the theme ‘Harmony’. Referencing the architecture from traditional Middle Eastern souk’s, nine transient courtyards were created through dramatic arched walling. Although inspired by tradition, the environment hoped to create a Utopic and calm space that was also refined in its design – in the hope of elevating the value of the fashion products within. Around the courtyard perimeters of these arches were 100 boutique retail units for local talent to sell their products from. 

In the center of each of these 09 courtyards was an experience that encouraged people to interact with conceptual objects. The focus was around helping participants find an inner calm and balance, whilst also connecting them to the local area of Fujairah, on the East coast of the UAE.

The arches and entrance way was also complemented by nine shades of green. These shades acted as a mechanism to draw people through the various spaces, to connect it back to the event organisers ’09’ name and also to build on this element of serenity. The highlight to the whole event was a 30M suspended oval structure wrapped in mirrored fabric – this feature enabled seated guests a unique aerial vantage on the many performers that took to the stage below.